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We will definitely recommend your classes to anyone.  Grissom (my 8 month old Newfoundland) and I learned so much from taking the Novice Obedience training at Laguna Niguel with Wendy Brookhyser.  She was very professional and clear on what needed to be worked on each week.  Grissom has come a long way and we will continue to work with him.
Thank you, Azrina & Grissom Spigner

We neglected to thank you at the conclusion of last Saturday's obedience Crash Course, which, as it turns out, was a vital part of our Mallory's education in learning fundamental rules of behavior, attentiveness, and respect for commands and directives.  We discovered quickly that Mallory learns fast and easily, that she rather enjoyed her homework assignments, and that she was receptive to both praise and correction.  We also discovered that she seemed to be continually unable to resist the presence of another dog, which signaled (to her, at any rate) an opportunity to run, chase, play and pester.  Under your guidance, we have come a long way, so that she now sits and stays properly until she is given clear verbal permission to engage her various pup pals.  After the first session, when we were convinced that we might have the class dunce living with us, we worked every day with her (sometimes for a total of two hours) and we incorporated your recommendations and techniques.  We hope that you agree with us that by the time of the fourth class Mallory had improved tremendously.  We appreciate your efforts and the care with which you teach canines and their folks.  Thank you again.
Ted and Luci, Laguna Beach, CA

I am writing this letter to inform you of the useful and enlightening experience I had in your novice dog obedience class.
Many times obedience classes are watered down, common sense, and not always applicable or useful in everyday situations.  I found your course to be all encompassing, covering many areas I wished to improve, and filled with additional useful information I never even considered regarding my dog.
Kudos to your articulate and professional teacher, Wendy Brookhyser, who not only took the time to make sure every dog and handler knew the material; also demonstrating it with her own two dogs she brought to class.  It was a powerful motivator to see an instructor who not only "talked the talk" but "walked the walk" with her own two perfectly mannered dogs.  Being in the educational system, I have found that the teacher makes the difference in any class; in other words, great material means nothing if it is not presented correctly.  Wendy is the epitome of a conscientious and concerned instructor, right away, she began the class with useful information; all the while demonstrating each maneuver until each person in the class completely understood what was being taught.  It is that "something extra" that Wendy puts in all she does, wanting all her students to excel, and that is what makes her rise above others in her field.  I can truly say every dog and handler in our class made tremendous improvements in obedience training, including my own dog, Mina.  I started Wendy's class with my out-of-control puppy, who barked incessantly, pulled on the leash, was aggressive toward others, etc., not the kind of dog you could take to public places.  As each week in the class progressed, I saw a steady improvement in my dog, with her learning to walk on a leash, sit, stay, come, lay down, and many other basic commands I never even dreamed my dog could ever handle.  In the end I was sad to have the class end, but at the same time, I was so happy to see the improvement in my dog, Mina, who now is an obedient and well-trained dog that I can take anywhere, thanks only to Wendy and your class.  I just want you to know that I will always recommend Wendy and your class to all the pet owners I meet in the future.

Howard P. Gordon

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